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    A dog's behavior, in the typical domestic "pet" situation is ultimately, and directly attributable to the dog owner's knowledge, understanding, methods of training, and methods of "relating" to the dog. As the dog owner learns and understands more about dog behavior, dog psychology, and proper training methods, the job becomes easier, and more enjoyable. Success is more the "norm", and your relationship with your dog improves, grows closer, and is beneficial to both of you. I used the word "relating" above, because this is a wide range of factors, including discipline, love, trust, bonding, respect, "heart" awareness, and more. I can help teach you about these things, as well as the "heart" awareness that your dog has. Dogs respond to, and understand the owner's "heart" much, much more than people realize, or sometimes want to admit. If a dog's owner is on an "ego trip", or is unreasonable, unfair, disrespectful, etc. the dogs know this. Dogs also know if an owner "believes" in what he or she is doing. Today there is much information available on dog training... much of it does not, in my opinion, offer a whole and proper perspective of things. Not to mention "Is it successful?"... 

    With the wrong information, at best, you'll only have a minimal "relationship" with your dog. Training will be more difficult, more unpleasant for all, and success will be limited. Even the simple problems like housebreaking can be resolved much more easily with more knowledge and understanding of dogs, and effective training principles. 

    One part of my dog training business offers "off-site" training support / services ... A dog training professional, experienced in dog behavior and psychology issues providing e-mail, and/or telephone training, psychology, and support information to help you with your dog training and behavior issues. Printed literature that is very concise and inclusive is also available. 

Dog training, psychology, and behavior help ... no matter where you are ! 

Learn from a dog training professional ... by telephone, e-mail, and mail. 

General Obedience - Dog Behavior Problems - Dog Psychology Information

E-mail and/or telephone training support, & literature.

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Feel free to call for a free consultation before making your purchase.

Serving you with pro dog training experience... by telephone, e-mail, and mail.

     Steve Balliet , Pro Dog Trainer :

  • Member of APDT

  • Professional Dog Behavior Consultant

  • Experienced Dog Trainer

  • Experienced Problem Solver

  • Experienced In Teaching Dog Owners

  • A Dog Lover And Owner Myself


Fido may be a bit out of hand ...

    If you are in need of help for you and your dog's well-being, your future together, or maybe even to save your dog's life .... 

If you're angry, frustrated, or stumped,  

Call (870) 446-5757 or purchase below.  

    * I will help you with anything from the most basic beginning information to more advanced training... I specialize in dog behavior issues and problems, sharing dog psychology information, and teaching you what I know about improving your relationship with your dog. From housebreaking your new puppy, to complex behavioral issues, I love to give you the help and information you need !

  It's not "magic", or a miracle or anything ... but I guarantee you'll get my best efforts at helping, informing, and teaching you.

Typical customer responses :

  • "I got what I needed in 15 minutes !"

  • "I made a simple phone call from work... and was receiving much needed help within 15 minutes ... that evening when I got home I was DOING it !"

  • "I'd read many books ... but the difference in having you talking TO ME was tremendous!"

  • "It's easy to see that you love this work."

What I Don't Do :

  Stock dog training, guard dog training, hunting dog training, or train any dog FOR aggression ... i.e. Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, etc. ( I do train these dogs, but NOT for aggression... )

Call or E-Mail Me With Your Questions Or Problems:

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    I am not a "certified animal behaviorist" (they're not readily available, in my experience), but you'll know quickly that I know of what I speak, that I desire to help you solve your problems, and that I care about doing business with you in a proper, professional manner....  What I am, is a pro dog trainer, pro dog behavior consultant, problem behavior solver, puppy trainer, etc.

    Thanks, Steve Balliet , APDT Member, Professional Trainer & Dog Behavior Consultant

One month of my personal dog training support, teaching, etc. is $149.99

E-mail, telephone, or both. 2 calls or e-mails a week. Calls are the customers responsibility.

You may get what you need in a couple consultations / sessions.


* For details about my training literature, "Dog Training That Works - Principles / Overview" click  HERE

To see the "Mother site" of my training business, go HERE

To see another page about this "E-mail / Phone Training Support" package, go HERE  

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To mail payments, send to :  Steve Balliet    P.O. Box 164    Jasper, AR    72641 

Thanks, Steve Balliet,  Dog Training & The Psychology Of Fido

Feel free to call for a free consultation before making your purchase.

E-Mail           (870) 446-5757


    This "off-site" training support is easy to do, and you can be receiving the valuable information you need right away. We can accept credit card payments, for your immediate attention ! As soon as online payments are verified, or mailed payments are received, you will start receiving the service & support you need. Put it to work, call me back with updates, new questions, other issues, etc. You get more information, support, and understanding help. 

    If you care to pay by credit card, after I receive payment confirmation we can start working on your problems. Sometimes in as little as 15 - 30 minutes!

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